Marvin G.

” I have been a member of XCell Fitness for about 3 months now, thanks to my brother Mario, who referred me after I saw his results. I have lost about 30 pounds since starting and can really see the results. I really enjoy the class setting format and the variety of workouts. The trainers are very helpful and extremely encouraging, and so are the other members! I am very happy very happy with my membership at XCell Fitness and recommend it to anyone.”

Connor F. 

Bought a few Groupons to try different gyms in the area to see which one I liked best. This was the second gym I tried and I didn’t feel the need to try any others.

All the trainers are really helpful in the beginning and they make sure you get your form down with all of the exercises. It only took me a few weeks to start seeing great results!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a great gym that keeps you motivated and excited to come in!

Danielle S. 

This gym is amazing! I’ve done lots of different workouts (boxing, crossfit, boot camp) and this is the best workout in terms of challenging and strengthening my body. This is functional fitness and its different every day. The trainers are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the classes are challenging but safe. They will help you to modify no matter what your fitness level is. There are people of all ages and backgrounds here and the vibe is always fun and positive. Matt is an incredible trainer who emphasizes nutrition in addition to working out, which I really appreciate. He is always available for advice and help. Come in and give this gym a try!

Sara M.

I have been working out for years and nothing has ever challenged my body the way these workouts do. Though you can go at your own pace, the energy from others drives me to workout harder than I would be able to on my own. I can’t wait to see how quickly my body fat is going to drop from these classes!! Amazing staff, very welcoming and the gym has everything you would possibly need!!

Thomas V.

I love working out at Xcell Fitness! This gym is clean and modern! There are plenty of classes to fit our busy schedules! Matt is an amazing trainer, always watching to make sure our exercises are done correctly not to injure ourselves. Doesn’t matter your age, or fitness experience, they will always customize a workout to fit your needs! 

Luisa T.

Excellence bar none…. knowledgeable, professional, motivational, inspirational, offers great community resources, friendly and courteous staff!!! Not too shabby for this 60 year old woman! The BEST gift and treat (yes, treat!) I gave myself!!!