Lose Weight with this 1200 calorie meal plan

Need to lose weight? Lose Weight with this 1200 calorie meal plan. When it comes to healthy eating and what to eat there is an endless supply of information out there. The source can be friends, family, internet, and the news. It also doesn’t help much of the advice contradicts each other, or seems to change with each new research study. The truth is the science of nutrition is still relatively new and while there still is a lot to learn, we have made great strides. 

The Secret to Losing Weight?

There is no secret, or magic pill you can swallow. What we put in our bodies has a direct impact on how we feel, move, and act. Some people may choose a low carb diet, or a high fat, but in my experience you need to find a heathy way to eat that fits your lifestyle. The key: A healthy lifestyle & exercise!!!

Just for you!

I have included a 1200-1300 Kcal meal plan (variation in foods chosen) that is what we would consider a well balanced approach. Its a little higher on the protein side because of the benefits of higher protein and fat loss. Moderate carbs. Remember if your goal is to lose weight nutrition first than exercise.



1-Slice Whole Wheat bread

1 Med Banana

6 egg whites & 1 regular egg

1 tsp. butter, or sugar free jam

1-glass of water



Protein Shake



4oz of chicken breast

1/3-1/2 cup of whole grain rice or quinoa

1 cup of veggies

1-glass of water



1 Med Apple

2 Tbsp. of creamy peanut butter



4oz of salmon

1 cup of veggies

4-5 oz sweet potato

1-Tsp. butter


Give this a try and let me know?

Any thoughts/questions? 

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