A technique that constantly challenges your muscles with varying sequences of different exercises. All the workouts include carefully planned “work” and “weekend rest days” circuits with specific rep counts. The exercises blend proven weight-room classics with Boot Camp routines. The toning ranges from classic squats and bicep curls to multi-muscle training and plyometrics exercises.


• 60 minute classes that challenge and push your body to new limits. Classes are offered Monday thru Saturday.
• X-Fit classes incorporate endurance training, agility training, speed straining, strength training, olympic lifting, and power training in a high intensity group training atmosphere.
• This high intensity class uses proven methods that deliver amazing fat burning results and lean muscle building.
• Learn the basics of Olympic lifting and discover the amazing benefits of these total body exercises.
• Plyometric training for beginners to advanced athletes.
• Proven fat burning and muscle building routines that lead by results.
• The success of any fitness program lies in sound nutrition. No crash diets, or fad diets! Research supported nutritional advice that empowers you with knowledge and the know how to eat properly in your everyday life.
• Yoga classes that help increase flexibility and muscular endurance.


Can’t make a class, or ready to take training to the next level we have open gym time from

3 pm – 5 pm Monday thru Friday, and 9 am – 11 am Wednesday and Thursday.

Want to follow the online program at the gym?
This is the perfect opportunity to see XCell Fitness Academy first hand. Use our weights and equipment for your very own program.

Don’t know a exercise?
We have personal trainers that will help answer any questions you might have.

Perfect time to practice Olympic Lifting.

Cant make the class?
Still perform the Workout of the Day.

Want to just lift weights?
We have olympic lifting platforms, bumper weights to practice power lifts, regular weights, boxing bags, Muay Thai equipment, pull up bars, plyo boxes, battle ropes, basically all your gym needs in one place.

Use this in combination with X-Fit classes to optimize results and reach your upper limits.