Welcome to XCell Fitness Academy



We offer 1-1 Personal Training, semi-private and partner Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training. These dynamic, fun, results-oriented workouts combine resistance training, agility training, olympic lifting, cardio workouts, plyometrics, core training, functional fitness and flexibility.


All of the meal plans consist of nutritionally dense, caloric and pH balance foods. Whether your health goals are weight loss, athletic training or disease prevention. We have designed a Signature Food Journal, Smart meal plan, and shopping list, you always have the information you need at your finger tips.


We have found that people thrive off of the fast pace tempo of working in a group environment, and the attention given in one-on-one settings. We use a new innovative program that brings functional training to a new level. XCell Fitness Academy incorporates speed, agility, endurance, olympic lifting, strength, and power training to bring you the best results possible.


Client Testimonials

“Before the Lose To Win 6-Week Challenge, I had trouble losing weight and preparing healthy meals. I wasn’t regularly going to the gym, and I knew I needed a change. During the program, I started to learn that eating healthy is not difficult and can even be fun! I learned how to shop and prep because of the program’s menu, recipes and shopping lists. I had the support and accountability to keep me consistently working out too. At the end of the Lose To Win Challenge, I had lost 7.4 pounds, and 18.3 inches! Now that the challenge is over, I find that I am more positive and I enjoy things more. Plus, I have a closet full of clothes that now fit again!”

~Victoria Steinhorst

“I joined the Lose To Win Challenge because I didn’t know where to start. I had tried to lose weight MANY times before and had always failed in the end. I was very stressed out and didn’t even realize how much this was affecting me. During the Challenge, I began to see that I could change not only during these 6 weeks, but for life. The meal plan and guide was really helpful, as well as the session on how to manage and cope with stress. At the end of the challenge, I had lost 12 pounds and 3% body fat. The best part is that I feel so much more fit and healthy overall. Now that the 6 weeks is over, I really feel like I can do this for the rest of my life.”

~Carrie Lerch

“Before the Lose To Win Challenge, I struggled with food and self-acceptance. This was something I have had challenges with my entire life. During the program, I learned to feel satisfied and full and not deprived while eating healthy, whole-foods meals. Danielle’s health coaching component really helped me gain knowledge around food, fullness and acceptance of self. By the end of the 6 weeks, I lost 12.2 pounds, 16.9 inches, and 3.2% body fat. I feel calm, focused, and accepting of myself, and others. I now have a sense of freedom I have never felt before!”

~Shannon Weir